le tri

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  1. Well, this is just insufficiently documented : these ugly French bins are for private use only. The public ones are more like http://i.ytimg.com/vi/9VyhNd69q7k/0.jpg or http://lagrandepoubelle.com/wikibis/dechet/illustrations/180px-plastic_bag_trashcan_paris_vigipirate_dsc00718.jpg

  2. (And these are ugly too, I grant you that. Thanks to Vigipirate paranoia !)

  3. Could you arrange to sell these as prints? I love them- would look great as a poster! Thanks.

  4. yes, they're all amazing. please continue.

    - A New Yorker in Paris

  5. Je n'ai pas ce souvenir des poubelles de NY. Surtout celles a usage privé. Dans mon souvenir, les immeubles les mieux lotis ont des bacs metaliques couleur acier et sur les trottoirs , on voit frequemment des sacs poubelles attendant les bennes à ordures. En tout cas, du coté de la 8th/9th à hauteur de times square, c'etait comme ca.

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  7. I have a sentence: 'Je peux faire le tri et décider si je veux acheter quelque chose.' I'm not sure if my translation of 'I can take time and decide if I want to buy something' is correct (the 'take time' bit). According to word reference dictionary tri is a seperation, but that doesnt seem to go here - I can do the speration and decide...
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