la chaleur

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  1. Haha ca me rappel que cet été je vais mourrir de chaud au bureau sans AC tiens ! ^^

  2. this is so NYC, A/C is like everywhere. Even when it is like 100°F, inside it is freezing. All the A/C hanging outside the windows, yep this is NYC. You can have the most crappy place, but there is always an A/C hanging on the brick wall. Love windmills, but they remind me of Holland, you know the girls with the funny dresses and the clogs. The text emphasizes the difference even more. Paris is always so sophisticated and elegant, and yes, that sticky humid weather, the heat, yep that is NYC

  3. Humm trop bien vu le Moulin Rouge, ventilé par l'agitation endiablée des longues jupes à froufrous de nos appétissantes danseuses de French Cancan :-)

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  5. Awww Paris has all the class! That's very fun.

  6. Funny, I don't remember seeing windmills in Paris.

  7. also, in NY A/Cs always drip on people's heads on the street, always! :)

  8. Love it!!!!

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  11. lol
    love you illustrations & designs! :D
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  12. so amazing and funny!!

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  14. cor vibrante,com tom elegante,boa combinação

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  16. Windmills do not cool anything. They merely move under the wind's power. They are not like fans. The comparison to AC makes no sense.


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  20. Amazing.I'm not good about the culture of these two cities because I live in Brazil,but in this blog we can learn a lot about this topic and still have fun enjoying the draws!

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