la mode


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  1. Love it!
    Cheers and best in 2011, Alcira


  2. Anna is sweet:)

    Though how great is Sonia!


    Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

    Check out my Give Away @
    Sharing Lots of Love n Fun!

  3. Teehee! This is even more brilliant than normal!

  4. I love them both, but I have always wanted to be Anna.
    Much love,

  5. Your things are all LOVELY! Will any more of the be up for sale? I would especially love to buy La mode, Les mains and Le Taxi!

  6. hahah i love this it's seriously fabulous.


  7. Love, love, love. Genius! Happy New Year to you also. Had to share your brilliance via my blog.


  8. I love and look forward to all your pictures!

  9. J'adore !!!! A quand un livre ?

  10. Haha I do not know which one I'd prefer! Check this out though... Mignon!


  11. Je viens de decouvrir ton site et je suis une grande fan!! moi meme parisienne expat a NY, c'est un pur regal, merci!

  12. love your designs!! i'm always checking for updates!

  13. Muito bom!!!! Parabéns


  14. Brilliant - Sonia all the way, look at that triangle hair! x

  15. ton blog est genial!


  16. I absolutely love your blog!


  17. Love your blog and just added the link to my blogroll. Fabulous!

  18. Always fabulous! All Postcards soon in the e-shop? Thank you! I'm going to NY soon, so I could compare if all the drawings are right!

  19. Mi blog preferido !!
    Para aquellos que hablais español y os gusta escribir ...

  20. Maybe my favourite one yet!! Absolutely love it!!


  21. just discovered you blog! your artwork is fantastic.... this is one of my favorites!!!
    Viaggio Della Farfalla
    The Key Item.

  22. Grace Coddington actually has pretty much the same hairstyle (I dare not call it a haircut) as Sonia Rykiel, intriguingly enough!


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    Thankyou i really love it


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